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Looking over the profile...i honestly have no idea what this community is about. but im bored so heres my

What is your full name? Emily Jane
--How old are you? 20

--What is your gender? Female
--Sexual orientation? Bisexual
--Ethnicity? Caucasian...mostly German and Dutch
--Do you have any siblings? yea, 2 brothers, 1 sister, and 1 1/2 sister

--What are your phobias? millipedes. I cant go into pet shops that carry them. and bumpy skin.
--If you could go anywhere in the universe, where would you go? I would love to see India
--What is your favorite subject in school or for those out of high school, what is your favorite conversational topic? Scar stories. There is a great story behind every scar on your body (topic of conversation)
--What is your most happy memory? anything that happened when i was a little kid
--What is your most sad memory? watching people i love fall apart
--Do you do any drugs? not for a little while. but im not proud to say ive tryed almost everything.
--Do you drink? too much
--Do you have an eating disorder or do you cut? believe it or not, i used to burn. im hardcore.
--What genre do you consider yourself (for example, punk, emo, gangster, yuppie)? hmm...i guess i like to think i have no genre. ive been a part of every scene. i hang out with all different kinds of people.

--What are your opinions on the following items?
-- Good Charlotte -- like every other musical genre these days. its nothing origional. its pathetic what theyve done to "punk" music
-- Avril Lavigne -- ditto
-- Dashboard Confessional -- ditto
-- Jessica Simpson -- shes stupid but hot...bitch marketed the hell out of herself. so shes fine by me.
-- Eminem -- hes alright
-- Simple Plan -- who?
-- American idol -- ive seen it maybe twice. its so cheese-tastic
-- Paris Hilton -- she creeps me out. shes like the shell of a person in gucci
-- MTV -- its alright. i like TRUE LIFE. sometimes they have some interesting stuff. besides that its a waste of time.


3 things you couldn’t live without
1. sex
2. beer
3. art

3 things you wish never existed
1. high school
2. warts
3. body hair

5 bands you couldn’t live without
1. Ween
2. Flaming Lips
3. Talking Heads
4. Beck
5. Primus

3 books you love.
1. The Stand (im reading it right now)
2. A Million Little Pieces, by James Frey
3. Into the Wild by John Krackou (sp)

3 people who have influenced you
1. Ralph Steadman
2. Basquiet
3.  My family

2 bands you think should be banished to eternal damnation?
1. Hmm...i really dont care about crappy music because I can avoid it. But...well i could go with out Sum41
2. Oh, and I dont know who perfect circle is, but they covered John Lennon's 'Imagine' and did a TERRIBLE job. That pissed me off.

Post at least two clear pics of yourself! (is optional, but it will help)


like my bruise, i got in a fight


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