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er, i don't know what this community is about but i love the name.

--What is your full name? Daile Ryan Simon
--How old are you? 21

--What is your gender? physically a girl, mentally a genderqueer.
--Sexual orientation? queer.
--Ethnicity? german irish italian.. and some other stuff on my father's side that i don't know.
--Do you have any siblings? one half sister that i live with, another half sister i know about and probably other halfsies i don't know.

--What are your phobias? crickets. i am deathly afraid of crickets, seaweed, and fish.
--If you could go anywhere in the universe, where would you go? new york city. on a permanent basis. i love it there.
--What is your favorite subject in school or for those out of high school, what is your favorite conversational topic? i love talking politics with intelligent people who are open-minded and willing to debate without trying to change my opinions or scream at me.
--What is your most happy memory? when my then-girlfriend now-fiance came down and spent four days with me two christmasses ago and we stayed at my mom's place while she was on vacation.. and we just had all that time together with no one else to bug us. it was amazing.
--What is your most sad memory? my best friend shane's funeral last year. ( if you want to know a little more about him.)
--Do you do any drugs? not anymore. i used to smoke weed.
--Do you drink? not anymore. gave it up completely.
--Do you have an eating disorder or do you cut? i have had an eating disorder for the better part of my life. i used to cut but i don't anymore. (i was also a wristbanger, i burned, i bit, i pulled my hair out.. you name a form of self injury and i did it.)
--What genre do you consider yourself (for example, punk, emo, gangster, yuppie)? i honestly waver from one "genre" to the other. depends on the day, my mood, and what clothes are clean. =)

--What are your opinions on the following items?
-- Good Charlotte --i like one or two of their songs.
-- Avril Lavigne --yeah, i own two avril cds, only cause they were free. i like a few songs.
-- Dashboard Confessional --don't think i've actually heard them.
-- Jessica Simpson --hate the bitch.
-- Eminem -- he's alright.
-- Simple Plan -- eh.
-- American idol -- don't know, never watched it.
-- Paris Hilton -- i think she's a classless slut.
-- MTV -- don't know, don't watch it.


3 things you couldn’t live without
1. my fiance, jessie
2. my cigarettes (newports)
3. the intarwebz.

3 things you wish never existed
1. hate crimes
2. war
3. renecks

5 bands you couldn’t live without
1. saves the day
2. limp bizkit
3. circle takes the square
4. blood brothers
5. blood for blood

3 books you love.
1. watership down
2. anything by francesca lia block
3. another kind of monday

3 people who have influenced you
1. my fiance
2. roseanne
3. margaret cho

2 bands you think should be banished to eternal damnation?
1. i'm not really a hater. if you like it, whatever. just because i don't like it doesn't mean it sucks.

Post at least two clear pics of yourself! (is optional, but it will help)
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i believe...

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Last Words…
love me. hate me. i'm an acquired taste, and i'm just bored. but i'm far from boring. and if you give me a chance, you might find out that i'm a really rad person to know.
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