If your name was Bizzle you'd be cool too. (what_itis_2burn) wrote in edible_ashtray,
If your name was Bizzle you'd be cool too.

--What is your full name? Brittany Marie Ava Mishler
--How old are you?14

--What is your gender? female
--Sexual orientation? straight
--Ethnicity? i 'm a mutt
--Do you have any siblings? yeah i have obn brother named corey he = 18

--What are your phobias? The dark, and snakes
--If you could go anywhere in the universe, where would you go? Good flippen question...uhm wherever Jesse Lacey from brand new is.
What is your favorite subject in school or for those out of high school, what is your favorite conversational topic? my favorite subject is deff. English
--What is your most happy memory? living in P.A during the summer playing spice girls with my friends...god i miss that.
--What is your most sad memory? finding out the guy i called "dad" wasn't my dad
--Do you do any drugs? not often
--Do you drink? no
--Do you have an eating disorder or do you cut? uhm....no.
--What genre do you consider yourself (for example, punk, emo, gangster, yuppie)?i really don't consider myself a "genre"..i listen to everything....and labels are usually considered about what music we listen too..and i listen to everything,Confused much? Okay to make it simple people call me emo.

--What are your opinions on the following items?
-- Good Charlotte -- used to be good..but they've tried too hard to turn into something they're not
-- Avril Lavigne --I will admit i do like some of her stuff but i feel the songs she chose to put on video were stupid.
-- Dashboard Confessional --they used to be my favorite band..so yeah..i like em
-- Jessica Simpson --i really don't have an opinion...except...dumb?
-- Eminem --very outspoken if you think about it
-- Simple Plan --also used to like them...but all their new stuff sounds the same.
-- American idol --first season was good all else after that sucked
-- Paris Hilton -- sweet.she took a day off to go to a girls 13 year old birthday that she didn't even know..plus bought her and the girl matching necklaces...very sweet if you ask me..plus that's hot it one of my favorite sayings haha
-- MTV --uhhmmm mtv lets see....i guess i really have no p[roblem with it..yes they're doing all this popular stuff and what not but they're only doing it to get a lot of ratings and all networks do that but i don't agree with keeping the nake of musical television but they've had it this long right.


3 things you couldn’t live without
1.My mom (dorky i know)
3.My friends

3 things you wish never existed
2.mean boys
3.peer pressure (odd?)

5 bands you couldn’t live without
1.Brand new
3.Hawthorne heights
4.The temptations (you know it)
5.Daly's gone wrong.

3 books you love.
2.Harry potter and the chamber of secrets

3 people who have influenced you
1.My mom
3.Any of my aunts

2 bands you think should be banished to eternal damnation?
1.New Good charlotte
2. i dunno

Post at least two clear pics of yourself! (is optional, but it will help)

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